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In the past, event management has always been an important part of any company’s marketing strategy. Grand openings and exhibitions are not just about having an impressive show, they are also about attracting new customers to the company and increasing brand awareness with potential clients.

What We Do

Professional Event Management

Double V is the leading event management agency in Hong Kong and provides a range of event services from venue design to marketing and logistics. We can provide all the necessary services for your events, whether it's a product launch, annual dinner, business conference or a fantastic carnival, we can take care of it all for you.
● Creative concepts designl
● Budget planning
● Project management and production
● Venue deco design and in-house carpentry
● Audio visual planning
● Talent management
● Catering and hospitality
● Logistic supports and on-site event management

DoubleV Is Your Trusted Partner

DoubleV Is Your
Trusted Partner

For Any Corporate Events

For Any
Corporate Events

Our Experience

Double V has over 20 years of event management experience and has successfully produced 1000+ events and exhibitions over the years. Our events range from 500 guests to 20,000+ participants. We have organized events in all major hotels and convention centers in Hong Kong, fully familiarized with the nuts and bolts of each one of them.

Double V also has our in-house carpentry workshop, ensuring backdrops, decorations, and creative props are produced to a high standard.

Double V Is Your Trusted Partner

Double V Is Your
Trusted Partner

For Any Corporate Events

For Any
Corporate Events